Kelly Burch

Kelly Burch is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner & EMO Master Practitioner in Berwick, Victoria, Australia


Three Simple De-Stressing Games For Kids

Children are all about PLAY and are not necessarily willing to be ‘therapised’ or sit and talk about their problems for hours. So finding ways to help to de-stress kids, make them feel happy and resolve difficulties that involve play are a great way to make a positive difference to their stress levels, their mood and day.

In this insightful article, Parenting With Heart & Soul author Kelly Burch shares with us three simple de-stressing games for kids.

Posted Jul 27, 2016

Making The Most Of The Energy EFT Master Practitioner Course

As a tutor for the Energy EFT Master Practitioner distance learning course, Kelly Burch has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Having taught hundreds the skills and knowledge required to be certified as an EFT Master Practitioner, she has a unique insight in to what students can do, to get the best out of this and other GoE courses.

In this article Kelly will give you helpful tips and advice as to what you can do to set yourself up for a successful, fulfilling and exciting journey of learning and self discovery!

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Posted Jan 18, 2016

The Energist - Vol 2015.2.3 - It's OUR Time to Shine

Summer 2015 edition of The Energist magazine.

Posted Jul 27, 2015

The Energist - Vol 2015.2.1 - New Beginnings

Winter 2015 edition of The Energist magazine.

Posted Jan 21, 2015

EFT Article - Transformed From Parent to Author

This EFT story is comes from first-time author Kelly Burch. In this article, Kelly describes her experience writing Parenting With Heart & Soul. This article was first featured exclusively in the Autumn 2014 (Vol.1 No.2) edition of The Energist

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Posted Oct 28, 2014

The Energist - Vol 2014.1.2 - Conference Special

Autumn 2014 edition of The Energist magazine.

Posted Oct 1, 2014

Karl Dawson on Parenting with Heart & Soul

AMT Practitioner and creator of Matrix Reimprinting, Karl Dawson, has written a review of Parenting with Heart & Soul by GoE Trainer Kelly Burch, which we thought was well worth sharing.

For more information on Parenting with Heart & Soul, visit DragonRising.

Posted Sep 17, 2014

Parenting with Heart & Soul

Parenting is hard. No one tells you that. You suddenly have a child in your care and it's up to you, sink or swim. Ever felt like it should be easier? Yeah, so did Kelly Burch.

In Parenting with Heart & Soul, Kelly combines her expertise as an energy healing practitioner and mother to produce something profound yet also easy to absorb and put into action.

Posted Sep 4, 2014

The Energist - Vol 2014.1.1 - Voyager

Summer 2014 edition of The Energist magazine.

Posted Jun 1, 2014

Autism Report

Energy EFT Master Practitioner Kelly Burch has written this rather fabulous article, reporting into her work with autism, flower essences and the energy-body-stress chart.

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Posted Feb 28, 2014

Explaining Energy & Emotions To 12-18 Year Olds

Energy EFT Master Practitioner Kelly Burch writes: A good friend of mine has an autistic daughter who is a young 18 year old. One of her main challenges is to do with handling her emotions in productive ways instead of lashing out, hiding away or making inappropriate choices. I thought that explaining what emotions are and how we can use them to help us would benefit her, but also benefit many others who feel bound or stuck by emotions. This is based on the beautiful and simple EMO Energy In Motion technique by Silvia Hartmann.

Posted Jan 8, 2013

Autogenic Habitats: A New Explorer In Sanctuary

Kelly Burch writes: A few months ago I learned about something called Autogenic Habitats. I had no idea what this was at first. In fact I had to Google to find the definition of the word "autogenic". It means: "self-generating" or "from within".

So these habitats were literally places that I could create from within myself?


Posted Apr 14, 2012

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